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About Us
BASIC's Mission

BASIC’s mission is to promote positive character development throughout the Greater Belleville Community.

  BASIC's Vision

By working together, emphasizing the need for good character, and practicing good character life skills, we will ensure that the Belleville area continues to be a healthy and prosperous community, is prepared for the challenges of the future, and is making the world a better place.

The BASIC Initiative developed out of Belleville's Community of Character initiative. It is a hands-on leader in developing and supporting programs, collaborations and community organizations that serve the greater Belleville community. We encourage citizens to build our community service.

We offer a variety of opportunities for people to raise the quality of their life by helping to raise the quality of life for others. BASIC stands for Belleville Achieves Strength in Character. BASIC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) community organization.

The BASIC Initiative:
Supports and promotes existing community services.
Facilitates community projects and programs.
Builds partnerships with local schools, churches, agencies, and neighborhoods.
Helps coordinate large scale community volunteer events.
Helps raise funds to address community needs.
Develops youth through hands-on projects.
Provides speakers and training to promote community of character.

Accomplisments/Works in Progress:
Promoting character life skills in every endeavor.
Promoting character awareness through character banners.
Helped Belleville achieve "All-American City" status.
Partnered with City to create the "Belleville Neighborhood Partnership" helping revitalize neighborhood watch programs and neighborhood associations.
Created and supporting the BASIC Youth Board and various youth leadership programs.
Annually hosts the Belleville Citizens of Character Awards Dinner.
Supporting summer camps for youth.
Annually hosts the Festival of Stories.
Establishing the annual "Belleville helping Belleville" Day of Service.
Working with schools and businesses to promote the Annual Walk for Character.
Promoting beautification projects throughout Belleville including Paint the Town.
Funding numerous neighborhood projects.
Supported the Peace Ball Celebration.
Partner in "Get Up and Go" Health and Fitness Initiative.